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Men’s Fitted Shadow Ascension Joggers

Image of Men’s Fitted Shadow Ascension Joggers
Size Chart In Inches:                
XS 28" - 30" 30"
Small 30" - 32" 31"
Medium 32" - 34" 32"
Large 34" - 36" 34"
XL 36" - 38" 36-35

This item is fitted and runs true to size. If you would like a looser fit, we suggest sizing up.

Designed to be paired with the Charcoal Ascension Hoodie, the Shadow Ascension Joggers, created from a blend of cotton and polyester, come with the perfect tapered fit that emphasizes comfort during performance. The cuffed bottoms present a look that accentuates aesthetics by fitting perfectly around your ankles, calves, and quads. These joggers will help you stand apart from the crowd and Be Eximious.

- Classic Eximious embroided logo to add a unique, clean-cut look
- Two zippered pockets
- Perfectly blended with cotton/polyester to provide maximum comfort
- Tapered athletic fit to bring an aesthetic look
- Moisture wicking to provide comfort throughout intense training
- Extremely, soft breathable material to provide free movement and comfort
- Snug/comfortable around legs
- Does not shrink so that you are provided with long term usage

Washing Instructions:
- Machine wash cold
- Air dry to ensure long term usage

Message behind the Ascension Joggers:
An 'Ascension' means to rise up to a higher level. When you join the movement and put on your Ascension Joggers, You'll gain a mindset that tells yourself and others that you are not going to settle, but are going to strive for more, and transform your self into the best possible version of yourself. You will also stand out and be different from the crowd, you will be Eximious