Our Story and Who We Are

Eximious Apparel

Our Story and Who We Are

Two young brothers, at the ages of 18 and 17, set out on a journey to not only transform themselves but sought to use their own stories of success as blueprints that could help others attain a new way of life and a new mindset with which they could chase after their own greatness.  Coming from a childhood of being overweight and underweight, Fasih and Farooq defied the circumstances that had surrounded them their entire childhood and began to chase after the vision of greatness they saw for themselves. This vision, they believed was larger than just the two of them and included all those who have continually struggled to positively change their way of life. Through their own journeys they sought to make a real difference in the world of health and wellness by inspiring others to see the greatness that lies within themselves and then doing whatever necessary to achieve that greatness. The best way to accomplish this task, they believed was, by starting a movement aimed at getting others to realize that with a few better decisions at a time they too could make their visions of greatness a reality. They designed Eximious Apparel to represent a movement, a movement that is aimed at getting others to realize that they are better than the situations or circumstances by which they are surrounded at this very moment and that all it takes is a vision, along with some work ethic, to break past those circumstances. Their goal is to unleash in the minds of as many people possible a fire that burns without letting up until the vision that individual holds pertaining to everything he/she wants out of life is attained. With this in mind, along with the hope of impacting thousands or even millions worldwide, on March 1, 2016, Eximious Apparel was born.   

The Background Behind our Message:

After being told time and time again that he was obese growing up, Fasih decided that a change had to be made. As a sophomore in high school an invitation by a friend, Louis Cruz , Fasih stepped into the weight room and instantly he was hooked. Fasih’s fitness journey began on that day and since then he has relentlessly been chasing after the vision that he sees himself capable of bringing to life. After choosing to no longer be defined by his obesity and breaking free of those bonds he sought to inspire the same change that positively impacted his life in as many people as possible.  

Farooq too began his fitness journey in high school as a sophomore. Being called small for years, weighing 84 pounds with a height of 5"4 he was determined to no longer let that hold him back. He began working out with Fasih and Louis in order to transform himself into all that he saw himself becoming and become the best version of himself possible. He was motivated by his vision for greatness and still continues his fitness journey today.

When Fasih was a freshman in college and Farooq was a senior in high school, they both decided It was time to try and inspire the same change that changed their lives in others. They wanted to start a movement that motivated individuals to envision greatness and visualize the best version of themselves possible and believed that a person’s vision for greatness should follow them around in the same way one’s greatness would and thus decided to create a clothing line aimed at not only spreading their message but allowing people to be reminded of all they can be, day in and day out.  Eximous was created to provide motivation and inspiration aimed at bringing individuals closer to their personal goals and be a better version of themselves. They agreed on naming the brand 'Eximious Apparel' as Eximious stands for excellence, which was in line with the message they aimed to convey.

The Process:

Before Fasih and Farooq researched for reliable companies to manufacture Eximious Apparel's attire, they tried something different. They cut out their logo from cardboard, and they pinned the cardboard on a shirt. Next, they used stencil paint to spray the shirt. They hoped to create the items that would serve as the reminders of everyone’s greatness as soon as possible but that hope turned to failure as this method turned out to be a complete disaster. After learning from this failure they worked even harder at bringing Eximious Apparel to life. They spent the next couple weeks researching for reliable companies that can manufacture the perfect, premium attire for Eximious Apparel. After about two weeks of researching, they finally found a company they were pleased with.

Fasih and Farooq worked tirelessly while they were on Winter break in December of 2015. They spent every single day up until the launch working on their website, releasing new content on social media, and spreading their message hoping to impact the lives of as many individuals as possible. Upon continually working they were finally able to bring Eximious Apparel to life.